So you leave home to go to work and quickly gobble your breakfast to catch that 7.24 am local. You do not bother to carry home cooked food as your office vicinity is dotted with a number of restaurants and fast food thelas. It’s time for lunch and you ditch dal khichdi and other healthier options to settle for a cheesy burger and French fries. You relish this meal with ecstasy and enjoy the aftertaste for hours together. Oh, not to forget the cold drink that came with it!

Junk food is high on calories and extremely low on nutrients. In today’s fast life, people do not take the pains of feeding their body good nutrition and rely on ready-to-eat meals or fast food that is easily available to them on the streets of Mumbai. Fast and junk food makes use of the lowest quality of food ingredients and does not do any good to your physiology.

They say eat plants and not consume anything prepared in a plant (read: factory). Junk food is filled to the brim with tempting treats like cheese, cream, other artificial substances you cannot even pronounce, it is deeply fried and cooked in the unhealthiest manner ever! Overdoing junk can lead to clogged arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, fogged memory and a lethargic life.

Diet is the most important component of a healthy lifestyle. But most people over-exercise and eat all the wrong kinds of food to create a warped sense of balance. Our bodies are like trees and plants if you give it the right nutrition, it will grow to become beautiful and be fruitful to you. If supplied with junk food it will wither like a flower that got drenched in acid rain.

So ditch the potato chips and grab a fistful of dry fruits and nuts instead. Forget the instant noodles and replace it with dal, roti, salad, sabzi, curd and other healthier and nutrient rich foods.

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