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1 Day Guest Pass

Your Free 1 Day Guest Pass to Waves Gym in Mumbai It will take you only a day for you to fall in love with our fitness center when you come on the one-day visit pass, to experience all our services and facilities. A Free Fitness Assessment Test Team Waves conducts a...

Functional Training Workouts

Let Nothing Come Between Our Functional Training Studio and You! Variations and advancement are an intrinsic part of a workout regime. If the same exercises are performed over and over again, the body hits a plateau and this is where weight loss stops! The next step...

Refer a Friend

Waves Gym rewards you! For every friend you refer who signs up, you will get a month free! "It's a fact: you are more likely to stick with a fitness program and see results when you work out regularly with someone you know." The gym is so much better with a workout...

Mindbody Connect

Book a class from the comfort of your pocket with the Mindbody Connect App for iPhone and Android!
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