Functional Training Workouts

Let Nothing Come Between Our Functional Training Studio and You!

Variations and advancement are an intrinsic part of a workout regime. If the same exercises are performed over and over again, the body hits a plateau and this is where weight loss stops! The next step is to shake your body out of its regular exercise-cardio routine and give it something unique and radical to push itself to its limit!

So what is that talisman that you need for you to be well on your journey to weight loss and amazing fitness? The answer lies in Functional Training! This term is in use more often in today’s world. Why, because people prefer ditching weights and machine workouts to get down to using their own body weight to shed all the excess fat. Let us tell you a few benefits of this miracle workout!

Functional Training is all About:-

  1. Movement: If you spend all your time slouching in your chair in front of the computer at work, then it is almost imperative for you to start this training routine as it focuses on training all the parts of the body than isolating a few and working on them individually.
  2. Melting fat faster: By using your own body weight you are burning fat faster along with improving agility, strength and your metabolism!
  3. Improving posture: Functional training tests and corrects posture which might need correction due to stressful working hours and wrong sitting methods.
  4. Strengthening the core: It is all about making your core stronger and what better than Functional Training to help you at that!

Wondering when and how to enroll for Functional Training sessions near you? Here’s a piece of happy news for you. Waves gym now houses a wholly and solely dedicated to Functional Training studio for its existing patrons and the new ones joining us on board.

The 500 sq.ft air conditioned section consists of state of the art equipment like: The Torsonator, Sledge Hammer, Agility Ladder, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, TRX and Boxing! Take along your Personal Trainer and train, and train hard!

We promise you an exceptional workout session the moment you walk in through the glass doors! So, do you have it in you to test your mettle at our Functional Training studio? See you there…



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