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Here it is Never about Losing. All You Do is Gain. Mass Gain Programs at one of the Best Gym’s in Andheri, Waves

Put on healthy weight with our mass gaining workout and programs that are custom made just for you!

Being underweight or skinny is not always healthy and as opposed to others who think people who are underweight are the happiest. Did you know people who are underweight face serious health issues just as their overweight counterparts?

Benefits of Having Healthy Body Weight

  1. Increases self-confidence
  2. Improved self-image
  3. A lot more energy
  4. No deficiencies
  5. No brittle bones

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So what is the solution to this? Eating nutritious and energy giving foods and not powders or supplements that promise to add healthy weight, but end up affecting people’s bodies adversely. At such times, it is of utmost importance to see a well-qualified nutrition expert who can redirect you to sign up for various mass gaining programs at our fitness center which guide you about things to eat and not eat.

Our Nutrition Experts carefully map and chart your diets and put you on a mass gaining workout, customized as per your need, to ensure you put on healthy weight and not stubborn bad fat.

Resorting to eating junk is not the right way to go as this food is just full of empty calories and provides zero nutrition. Such food only assimilates bad fat and you end up storing fat in all the wrong areas of the body.

Do try out our different and customized mass gain programs at Waves Gym.


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