Abs Class

Fab Abs in No Time! This and More with the Best Abs Workout in Mumbai

For all those who have been working out for a while, it is a known fact that stomach flab is the hardest to lose. Isn’t it really a Herculean task working and toning up those muscles on your own?! Well, this was before the ABS workout was introduced at one of the best gyms in Andheri!

This class is dedicated to the lower body and works excellently on the muscles located in the abdomen, obliques and the lower back. The ABS training makes no use of any machine or device and compels you to use your body weight along with a huge dose of high energy to work on your core and achieve a flatter stomach in a short span of time.

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Benefits of Enrolling at the Abs Class

  1. Core muscles get tougher and your stomach gets leaner
  2. No more back pain and injuries to the back
  3. Lesser the fat, the better. Excess stomach fat leads to health scares like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and other complications
  4. Makes you more confident
  5. Helps you to have a positive self-image

This class is conducted by our very own fitness Abs trainer Ganesh Pawar, who of course boasts of having an excellent set of abs himself! He designs the workout such that it is easy for people of all ages to follow and perform.

So what makes this abs training so fab in the whole of Andheri? It is our dedication and commitment of pushing members to do the best and strengthen their core muscles that allows them to lift heavy weights easily, help them look good and lead a healthier life.


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