Ashtanga Yoga

Cleanse Your Mind Body and the Soul with the Best Yoga Class in Mumbai

Get in touch with your roots. Learn and benefit from Ashtanga Yoga that helps you relax your mind, synchronizes your breath and rids you of all toxins and negativity.

Relax and re-establish the lost connection of your mind and the body. Join our Ashtanga Yoga class at Waves.

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Having found a mention in the Vedas, Yoga is being practiced for centuries. But not everyone gets it right. To reap the exact benefits offered by Yoga it is important to learn the techniques from only the best. Waves Gym provides the best Yoga Classes in Mumbai in collaboration with Ashtanga Yoga certified astute instructor Jayna Mehta.

Advantages of Ashtanga Yoga

  1. Boosts Physical Strength, Stamina and Flexibility
  2. Improves Concentration with Meditation
  3. Corrects Breathing and Posture
  4. Healthy Glowing Skin
  5. Increased Blood Circulation that leads to healthy organs

The benefits of Ashtanga Yoga are many. Not only does it work at the physical level, but also nourishes the mind and the conscience. This is exactly what makes this Yoga Class the best in the city. Ashtanga Yoga is one such form of exercise that promises and has eliminated and reversed a number of ailments and diseases.

Janya, our Ashtanga Yoga instructor, pays careful attention to every individual member’s needs, the problem areas that they need to work on and helps them achieve and be at the zenith of their best health.

This form of Yoga assists in weight loss too. Yoga exercises and different asanas that involve stretching, bending and slow hold and release of poses help in attaining excellent bodies and building great minds.


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