Tone Up Your Assets With The Best BLT Class at Our Studio At Waves Gym!

Looking to tone your lower body to flaunt it without any inhibitions? At Waves, we promise to help you strip all the fat off your butt, legs and thighs and get you in superb shape with our BLT class.

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Some people are naturally well-endowed with a lower body that carries no excess fat at all! It is so easy for these lucky ones to sport their wares by wearing anything they like. Well, this might not be the case for people who carry little or a lot of fat on their butt, legs and thighs!

Lately, have you been dreaming of fitting into that pair of denim shorts that you had to abandon a long time ago, thanks to your thunder thighs and heavy buttocks? We make your dreams come true at the BLT class that takes place at our fitness center. The class involves the use of free and body weight to strengthen your core and other muscles of the lower body.

Advantages of a Lower Body Workout

  1. Increases bone strength of the butt, legs and thighs
  2. Improves balance, stamina and increases confidence
  3. For all age groups
  4. Customize the workout as per your needs and abilities
  5. Quick and a fun way to lose all the excess flab from the lower body

Our BLT Trainer Vikas Jadhav- Mr Maharashtra needs a special mention and accolades for being in the fitness industry for over 30 years now. No two lower body workout classes of his are the same. He ensures that members do something different at every class, and their bodies never reach a plateau. His motto? Try a little harder, you can do it!

A 55 minute session of the BLT class consists of Crunches, Push-ups, Lunges, Squats and a lot more. That ensures you get into those hot pants in absolutely no time!


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