Bollywood Dance

Dance Your Way to Fitness with the Best Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai!

Dance like nobody is watching they say! We believe in the same theory too, albeit with a minor difference! Watch yourself and your friends dance and get in shape at our Bollywood Dance Class at Waves Gym!

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Dance is an expression that remains the same throughout the world. People dance to express joy, sorrow, to narrate stories and incidents. We at Waves conduct dance classes by collaborating with some of the best Bollywood dance teachers in Mumbai.

The Good Part of What Dance Does For Your Body:

  1. Perfects Poise and Posture
  2. Boosts Rhythm and Coordination
  3. Tones Body
  4. Relieves Stress
  5. Enhances your Facial Expressions and movements
  6. Meet New People, Forge A Bond For Life

Dance to Bollywood Masala songs, Punjabi beats, hip-hop or pair up with a partner to learn the Latino style! You not only learn a new skill, but also lose weight while you are on your toes and guided by the music and the dance instructor.

Our dance instructor Ravi Akhade is the reason our Bollywood dance class has gained immense popularity and qualifies as one of the best group classes at our fitness center.

He assists you at perfecting the most difficult of dance moves and burn those calories in the most fun way ever! Even if you have two left feet and have always been scared of dancing in public, leave it to Ravi to help you shed all inhibitions.

So put on your dancing shoes and be ready to show your steps, heel turns, lock steps, rond, bhangras or the Ganpati Dance. Don’t shy away from enjoying yourself at one of the best Bollywood dance classes at one of the best dance studios in Mumbai, only at Waves Gym!


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