Indoor Cycling

A Cycling Class So Superior, You Would Think We Are Preparing You For Tour De France!

Welcome to the best indoor cycling class in Mumbai!

Cycling on a warm summer’s day is an ideal way to explore some scenic and beautiful routes. In hindsight the activity also helps in losing weight as you expend your energy to pedal and go forward. What if we told you, you could enjoy all the benefits of cycling minus the beautiful locations, yet have loads of fun all the same?

Waves Gym takes pride in providing the best indoor cycling class in the city. Today, people are so tied to their routines that they hardly have time to take up an outdoor sport. We at Waves understand that members are hard-strapped for time. As a result, we have introduced indoor cycling class that takes place throughout the week at convenient times.

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Here’s a Look at the Benefits Indoor Cycling Offers

  1. For All Age Groups
  2. Joyful Activity for Music Lovers
  3. Cuts the Risk of Heart Disease and Keeps Other Cardiovascular Issues, at Bay
  4. You Sleep Well at Night
  5. Helps to Burn up to 500 Calories in Just 45 Minutes

Our specially trained and certified instructors- brother duo Ajaz and Shoharat Mullani ensure the safest workout environment without any scope for injuries or pain to the knees or the back. They check you for the seat height, the level of resistance, your posture and of course if you are strapped in just right!

As music is an integral part of the workout, they churn out some of the best tracks that makes this high intensity indoor cycling workout enjoyable and the best in the city. All that you may need to get started- thick soled sports shoes, comfortable clothes and loads of energy and enthusiasm to rock the indoor cycling class!


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