Kick To Lose. The New Mantra To Fitness. Join One of the Best Kickboxing Classes in Mumbai, at Waves Gym

The joint forces of Martial Arts with a healthy dose of cardio results in one awesome session of Kickboxing! A single session that lasts up to 60 minutes burns around 500 calories. Need we say more?

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This is a rare combination of different forms of exercise that brings together techniques of boxing, aerobics and martial arts. Kickboxing classes consist of a total body workout that work every muscle and increases your stamina. Not only this, but the class sure is one fun way to melt away all that flab!

How Do You Benefit From Kickboxing-

  1. Tones the entire body
  2. Improves flexibility and stamina
  3. Challenges you to test your limit
  4. Awesome stress busters
  5. Improves your self-image and confidence

Kickboxing is a highly effective combat self-defense technique coupled with a high intensity cardio workout which ensures you burn maximum calories and learn the important art of self-defense! So all you need for this session is a pair of Kickboxing gloves, loads of energy to rock the show and the never say die attitude!

Kickboxing is an ideal way to cut all the fat and improve your cardiovascular health. This along with great muscle toning, results in a fabulously shaped up body! Our Kickboxing classes are one of the best in Mumbai and the reason behind it is our irreplaceable instructor – Ram.

Ram trains and teaches keeping in mind every individual’s strengths, limitations and areas of improvement. Not only does kickboxing help you build and better your stamina, this form of martial arts kickboxing class is highly competitive in nature with everyone pushing their bodies to do the best and encouraging others to do the same.


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