Power Yoga

Get Your Mat, Set It Down To Burn Away Stubborn Fat with The Best Power Yoga Exercise Classes in Mumbai!

Establish a deeper connection of the body and the mind. Try out our take on the modern form of Ashtanga Yoga- Power Yoga in one of the best gym’s in Mumbai.

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Check Out The Benefits of Power Yoga-

  1. Burn up to 400 calories in one session that lasts up to 55 minutes
  2. Great Stress Reliever
  3. Builds Stamina, Betters Focus, and Boosts Immunity
  4. Healthier Organs
  5. Positive Thoughts and a Better You.

Different from the traditional form of Yoga, Power Yoga for weight loss is a high-intensity workout that helps you melt away your fat and also helps to tone your body and make it healthier from the inside. Not only does it help you to shape up, but it also quickens your metabolism, increases your stamina and betters concentration.

At our fitness club, you can only expect the best instructors that guide you at every step and pay personal attention by helping you perfect every yoga asana. Extremely fit and agile our instructor, Nisha Sharma possess years of experience in teaching yoga. This aspect makes her class, one of the best power yoga classes in Mumbai and Nisha- the best power yoga teacher in the city.

Over a period of years, she has helped in building healthier minds and bodies. The instructor explains tips and tricks to performing some of the most complex asanas, thus helping you reach closer to your fitness goals.

From the high-intensity Surya Namaskars to the slow breathing Pranayam, Power Yoga exercise works every part of your mind and body. It rejuvenates it by throwing out all harmful toxins in the form of sweat and enhances the performance of your vital organs by pumping in more oxygen and positivity.


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