Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning Leads To Total Well-being Only at The Best Gym in Andheri

Discover the joys of a Total Body Conditioning Workout that works on the body as a whole. One class, many benefits.

Total Body Conditioning classes. The name itself should give you an idea of the areas it works on. Yes, you are absolutely right! It works every part of your body and works on every part of it. It is a versatile workout that makes use of free weights and compels you to use your body weight and move towards a fitter and healthier you!

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Benefits of a Total Body Conditioning Class

  1. A combination of aerobics and other forms of cardio
  2. Chiseled and toned body
  3. Stretches every part of the body
  4. Heart muscles get conditioned
  5. Ideal for all age groups

The total body conditioning class begins with light stretching exercises with the intensity increasing with every repetition. Our highly trained instructor Vikas Jadhav pays careful attention to the needs of every individual and pushes them to give their best and never give up!

Body conditioning classes prove to be a great workout for women as initially the intensity is pretty easy for them to match up to and build their stamina as the class progress over the week. Whole Body Conditioning also makes use of medicine balls, yoga mats and other props that assist in the workout and result in a superb head to toe total body conditioning class.

Full Body Conditioning Workout not only works on the muscles, but works at a deeper level. This workout also works on the internal organs like the heart and the lungs which proves to be beneficial to the whole body in the long run.


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