Upper Body Blast

Go Sleeveless This Summer with the Best Upper Body Fat Blast Workout, at Waves Gym!

There are many classes dedicated to the cause of the lower body as this area is notorious for taking its own sweet time to shape-up. At the Upper Body Blast Workout, we assure you that you start seeing results in the very first week itself!

The main focus of this class, of course, is the upper body and includes exercising the Back, Chest, Triceps, Biceps and Shoulders. Like all other classes, this one too has ample benefits. Watch the space below to know them-

Benefits of Upper Body Blast Workout

  1. Better cardiovascular health
  2. Reduced risk of injury
  3. Attractive and healthy looking appearance
  4. For any and everyone
  5. Increases muscular strength and flexibility

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Wave goodbye to flabby arms and tummy with a well-designed Upper Body Blast Workout at our fitness center in Andheri! Leave it to our Trainer Vikas Jadhav to help the guys shape up those biceps like Sylvester Stallone and the girls to contour their abs like Priyanka Chopra.

A free weights workout, a typical Upper Body Blast workout begins with light stretching exercises and gathers momentum with time. The class makes use of 1 kg dumbbells and many variations of exercises involving the upper body.

All you need for this class is an open mind and the zeal to push your body to do its best! Vikas ensures a safe workout environment and does not push you to the point where you end up injuring a body part or spraining one. The Upper Body Blast workout at our gym in Lokhandwala is perfect for everyone over 18 years of age and is a lot of fun to do, with a highly charged-up and competitive atmosphere.


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