Keto diets, intermittent fasting, Vegan diets, Paleo diets etc etc. Aren’t you tired of these never ending ways to shed the excess? Don’t fret! We at Waves Gym help you understand the fundamental principles of a nutritionally well-balanced diet so that you’re able to achieve long term benefits via imbibing a healthy lifestyle.

We have a remarkable nutritionist who provides one-on-one consultations to suit individual needs. You will be guided towards establishing a tailor-made health plan. This includes a nutrition assessment, choosing meal plans, setting realistic targets, and coupling those with workouts based on your body type. With the help of regular follow-ups, you can achieve your target faster and more effectively. Indulge and pamper yourself at Waves Gym while getting healthier and fitter!

Vanshika Choudhary is our Associate Nutritionist (MSc UK) and founder of her unique brand Rejuvenate which is focused on bringing together a unique amalgamation of Western and Indian traditional diets to achieve quality results. She has abundant experience in dealing with clients of all age groups and ensures the root cause of your health problem is dealt with instead of mere symptomatic treatment!

Being a fitness enthusiast, she is determined to help people build healthy relationships with their minds and bodies via gut cleansing, hormonal balance, and protein-balanced meals. A master at understanding food, she educates people to eat smart and live a well-balanced life. Nutrition is a holistic approach, and she believes in giving equal importance to physical and mental health. It’s not about your weight; it’s about changing your lifestyle!

Areas of expertise:

  • Developing a healthy relationship with food
  • Diet, fitness & lifestyle counseling
  • Weight management
  • Fat loss + Muscle Gains
  • Gut Cleansing
  • Nutrition therapy for various health conditions like High-Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, and other hormonal concerns.
  • Knowledgeable and up to date with all the latest trends, fads, myths, etc.

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