Food Darzee

Waves gym has tied up with Food Darzee!

For those of you who are not aware of what Food Darzee does – A food and nutrition company that offers healthy and tasty meals to be delivered to your doorstep.

A perfect solution to save your time and still relish delicious home cooked food!

We at Waves gym are offering a 10% discount on Food Darzee meals that can be EXCLUSIVELY availed by our members.

Enjoy these benefits starting 19th September 2022. Start your health and fitness journey with us TODAY!

About Food Darzee

FOOD: Food Darzee provides breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. All healthier alternatives of your favorite dishes and do not repeat a dish for 4 weeks.

NUTRITION: Food Darzee assign you a personal nutritionist who assesses your lifestyle, health requirements, eating habits and nutritional needs to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

MEAL DELIVERY: Food Darzee deliver meals for the Ketogenic, Low Carb High Protein, Vegan and Balanced Diet.

FLEXIBILITY: Food Darzee provide flexibility in terms of pausing or cancelling your meals, food and delivery preferences subject to our guidelines.

Food Darzee has a different menu everyday. Throughout the week!

Food Darzee

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