Small Group Personal Training

Big enough to be fun but small enough to still be quality!

Small group personal training

Working out with others is always more fun than working out on your own.  Although the aim of any personal training program is to achieve results, it is vital to have fun whilst you are training to ensure that your motivation stays high and you maintain enthusiasm to stick to your training schedule.

Our small group personal training is an affordable fun way for you to take advantage of a personal trainers expertise and to work out in an intimate setting towards common goals.

Why Small Group Training?

Small Group Training (SGT) usually consists of 2–10 participants. It allows you to train together, get results fast, have fun, keep each other accountable and lowers the cost.

Small Group Training Program

Work out with fitness buddies at Waves Gym. There are sessions that will suit every mood and goal.  Our program includes:

· Kettlebell Extreme
· Upper Body Conditioning
· TRX Workout
· CrossFit Box
· Conditioning Training
· Rehab Training
· Sports Conditioning
· Dynamic Stretch


If you would like to try our Small Group Personal Training then why not sign up for a FREE 5 Day Pass and come along without any obligation.

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