CrossFit Group Training Class

Take your workout to the next level with CrossFit Group Training Classes with Pravin

CrossFit Group Training Class


CrossFit is a high-intensity, strength, and conditioning workout that consists of a wide variety of functional movements – many of which you would perform daily throughout your everyday life (e.g., pushing, pulling, squatting, sitting up, etc.)

CrossFit workouts include variations of these movements with a strong focus on load, distance, and speed. Each exercise typically lasts a set period or until a certain amount of work has been completed. CrossFit workouts are different each day, and Our Trainers can modify every exercise according to an individual’s ability regardless of their age and fitness levels.

CrossFit Group Fitness Classes


CrossFit works because it is for everyone! From the fittest athletes in the world to people who have never even stepped into a CrossFit gym!

Everyone in a CrossFit class does the same “WOD” no matter their technical ability or strength. Each workout is scalable and can be modified according to your capabilities. If you can’t do a pull, you can use an elastic band to help you; if you can’t do a weighted squat, you can use your body weight.

You can show up at the CrossFit Group Training Class in Waves Gym, and the coach will already have the whole workout planned out! Our coach will demonstrate each movement. Our coach will carefully watch over all participants to ensure that exercises are being carried safely and following their ability and comfort levels.


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