Power Yoga

The holistic way to deal with stress and fitness!

Power Yoga

Power Yoga at Waves Gym is an intense workout that will exercise your sweat glands to their full potential! 

You not only burn an insane amount of calories here but also improve flexibility, body balance, and core strength. After the 60-minute class, you’ll definitely leave with a positive glow on your face and skip in your step!


  • Promotes weight loss and metabolism
  • Improves muscle tone, mood, and quality of sleep
  • Builds concentration and memory
  • Builds confidence
  • Improves bone density and flexibility
  • Improves lung capacity and increases blood flow

Why Waves Gym?

  • Certified experienced instructors
  • Beginner-friendly classes
  • Dedicated group fitness class studio


Lift your spirit, build your body and relax your mind with yoga at Waves Gym.

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