Studio Cycling

Freestyle High-Intensity Sweat Dripping Indoor Cycle Class

A solid workout that doesn't take much time.

In just 45 minutes, a rider can burn as many as 700 calories. Each spin session involves a warm up, a high-intensity cardio and strength session, and a cool down.

Our studio cycling sessions are a dance party on a bike. Set in a dark room with loud music, riders spend most of their time out of the bike seat doing choreography like push-ups on the handlebars designed to work the core.

Best Spinning Classes in Mumbai

It’s the sweatiest party you’ve ever been to.

The moves vary from crunches (while riding, you drop your elbows and support yourself through your abs) to tap-backs (you thrust your hips backward while riding out of the saddle), and many of them hit weird muscles you didn’t know existed. You position yourself in a certain way (hips back, arms tucked close to your body, shoulders locked down) that ensures you’re getting a good spinning workout.

There are “hills” — intervals where you crank up the resistance and pedal against it — where it feels like you’re moving your legs through thick mud. There are fast sprints that will make you gulp oxygen and feel like your lungs are leaking. There’s an arms section where you curl and press your biceps and triceps until they fail, all while pedaling. You never stop pedaling, by the end of every class, you’ve left a small puddle of glistening sweat beneath your bike and your shirt is soaked through.


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