Refer a Friend

Waves Gym rewards you! For every friend you refer who signs up, you will get a month free!

“It’s a fact: you are more likely to stick with a fitness program and see results when you work out regularly with someone you know.”

The gym is so much better with a workout buddy – you’ll feel more motivated and are less likely to make excuses not to go if you’ve already made plans with a friend!

After referring your friend to a Waves Gym you will automatically be entitled to a month’s free membership, which will be awarded to you after they sign up for an annual membership. That’s not all, the referred friend will also be treated to a huge 100% off their registration fee!

And as if free membership and reduced registration fees weren’t enough for you, there are yet more benefits to working out alongside a friend. Other than the social aspect, it turns out taking a friend to the gym with you can actually help you to lose more weight than if you worked out alone.

At Waves Gym, members have access to the latest technology, state-of-the-art gym equipment and group exercise classes. With everything from Zumba to cycling, Waves Gym classes are not only a great way to get into shape, they are also a lot of fun and a highly sociable activity.

So why not start referring your friends today and enjoy our great referral benefits together? Simply ask on site for more details!

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