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Transform Your Health with a Complimentary Consultation & InBody Assessment!

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Unlock the Mystery of Your Body: Embark on a journey to better health with a complimentary InBody assessment. Discover the intricate details of your body’s composition—muscle, fat, and water balance. It’s your first step towards a tailored health and fitness plan.

Meet Afshin, Your Nutrition Guru: Afshin, our expert registered dietitian, is not just another nutritionist; she’s a guide to your personalized health route. She’ll provide you with a bespoke nutrition plan that aligns with your unique InBody results.

Tailored Just for You: Enjoy a one-on-one consultation with Afshin, who brings compassion and expertise to your nutrition and health challenges. Whether it’s managing your weight, overcoming food intolerances, or navigating chronic conditions, she’s there to craft a plan that works for you.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness: Combine the power of the InBody assessment with Afshin’s nutritional insights for a comprehensive view of your health. It’s a collaborative effort to ensure your wellness strategy is as multifaceted as you are.

Dive into the Science Behind Your Health: Curious about how the InBody Body Composition Assessment technology works? Visit for an in-depth look at the cutting-edge tool that will become a cornerstone of your health journey.

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It’s time to embark on your path to wellness with confidence and clarity.

Your journey to wellness is unique, and at Waves Gym, we’re excited to be part of your voyage.


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