Refer A Friend

Get fit and save loads while you do it!

Refer a friend

Referring a friend, isn’t just about saving you some money. Its about sharing a good thing. At Waves Gym we believe in the power of group fitness which works best when you have your besties with you. With them around to motivate you, the sky is the limit.

Refer a friend and get a freebie! 

For every friend you refer, you get a credit of one additional month to your existing membership. 

At waves gym, your friends and you can expect.

  1. An energetic facility
  2. Professional and certified trainers
  3. The best workout programs from around the world
  4. Easy accessibility
  5. Plenty of car parking
  6. Access to the convenient Waves Gym App
  7. Excellent changing rooms

    Help get your friends into shape. Save loads while you do that. But most of all, help make Mumbai a fitter metropolis!

I'd like to refer my friend

Call us on +91 99200 84402 to refer your friend to Waves Gym.